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            2. 學術動態
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              百年機械·致遠論壇 – 景興建教授講座

              發布時間:2022-05-31 點擊數:

              講座題目:The X-Structure/Mechanism Approach to Beneficial Nonlinear Design in Engineering





              講座人:景興建 教授

              景興建,博士,香港城市大學機械工程系教授。分別獲浙江大學學士(1998)、中科院自動化所碩士(2001)和博士學位(2005),英國Sheffield大學博士(2008)。主要研究領域:非線性系統分析、設計、信號處理、辨識及其在振動控制、能量采集、故障診斷、機器人等方面的應用。發表文章200多篇,文章檢索7600多次,H-index 46 (Google Scholar)?,F任國際知名雜志Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics, IEEE Trans. on Systems, Man, Cybernetics -Systems和IEEE/ASME Trans. Mechatronics的副主編。并于2019年和2021年分別在MSSP上任??骶帯癊xploring nonlinear benefits in engineering”。曾獲得中科院劉永齡獎,中科院院長優秀獎,EPSRC-Hutchison Whampoa Dorothy Hodgkin Award,Highest International Consultancy Award,2016 IEEE SMC best transaction paper award,2017美國TechConnect全球技術創新獎,2017歐洲結構動力學協會Senior Research Prize,和2017香港建筑業議會建筑技術創新一等獎等。研究工作得到香港RGC、國家自然基金、中海油技術服務有限公司、中國航天技術研究院、中國航天控股公司、Lord公司及其它香港廣州和國際公司的資助。


              Nonlinearity can take an important and critical role in engineering systems and thus cannot be simply ignored in structural design, dynamic response analysis, and parameter selection. A key issue is how to analyze and design potential nonlinearities introduced to or inherent in a system of under study. This is a must-do task in many practical applications involving vibration control, energy harvesting, sensor systems and robots etc.

              This lecture presents an up-to-date review on a cutting-edge method for nonlinearity manipulation and employment developed in recent several years, named as the X-shaped structure or mechanism approach. The method is inspired from animal leg/limb skeletons and can provide passive low-cost high-efficiency adjustable and beneficial nonlinear stiffness (high static & ultra-low dynamic), nonlinear damping (dependent on resonant frequency and vibration excitation amplitude) and nonlinear inertia (low static & high dynamic) individually or simultaneously. The X-shaped structure or mechanism is a generic structure or mechanism representing a class of beneficial geometric nonlinearity with realizable and flexible linkage mechanism or structural design of different variants or forms (quadrilateral, diamond, polygon, K/Z/S/V-shape, or others) which all share similar geometric nonlinearity and thus similar nonlinear stiffness/damping properties, flexible in design and easy to implement. This paper systematically reviews the research background & motivation, essential bio-inspired ideas, advantages of this novel method, beneficial nonlinear properties in stiffness, damping and inertia, and potential applications, and ends with some remarks and conclusions.

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